TLO Apron Feeder Control

Key Insights

“The control on the apron feeders was not a simple automation.

It was also taken to the next step by the use of Smith predictors (an advanced process control strategy to eliminate dead time).

The use of various smith predictions along the conveyor allowed to reduce variability even further.”



Identify An Opportunity To Improve The Throughput, Though Removing Manual Interaction



Propose Solution / Seek Approval With Stake Holders. Incl. Engagement With TLO Supervisors And Operators



Execute By Implementing Code In PLC & SCADA

Test Logic & Understand Data To Get Results/Represent Solutions



Communicate Benefits & Solution To Stake Holders

Our Goal:

To automate apron feeders speed control in order to maintain rate over train load out conveyor.

Consolidate roles for TLO operation as current operation required a dedicated operator to manually operate the rate into TLO conveyor.

Our Solution:

A feedback control strategy will be designed, approved and implemented within a 5 day period.

Unlocked Potential:

The goal increase rate control was achieved increasing plant performance.

Operator could dedicate his attention to other important tasks. Reduction of Standard Deviation in 3.8% and increase in rate of close to 1430 TPH.