Screenhouse Recovery

Key Insights

“Value-adding can be shown with the inclusion of the new upgraded hardware that previously could not be justified.
As such, the benefits would be the total implementation costs of the new projects as there was no additional cost to implement in place of the like-for-like option.”


  • Complete All Control Systems Testing Documentation For The Recommissioning.
  • Perform Configuration And FAT Testing Of All New Instruments.
  • Perform Site Electrical / Control Systems Commissioning Works Across Both Day And Night Shift.
  • Performance Testing And Handover Of The Plant To Operations.


Post Handover Support To Teams In Perth.

Our Goal:

After a fire occurred during shutdown maintenance activities, a large portion of the Newman Screenhouse facility was damaged, requiring significant rectification works to get back to production

Our Solution:

Assisted with the recommissioning of the control system and electrical systems in a staged approach.

This involved not only like for like installation but also some opportune upgrades which previously were difficult to justify and now made sense.

he rectification works occurred over the space of 2 x months involving testing documentation, vendor co-ordination and day / night shift commissioning

Unlocked Potential:

After hand-over of the commissioned system, provided additional/ongoing support to engineers and operators in Perth as the plant ramp-up activities went into full swing

With my intimate understanding of the site and specific plant, being able to offer support in not just control systems/electrical engineering but also general operations, co-ordination and facility ramp-up.

An example of this was being able to significantly reduce the commissioning delays by assisting with having the necessary spares on hand, co-ordinating the electrical commissioning team’s activities on night shift and working with the operations team to streamline isolation process for commissioning team members