Rail Overload Reporting

Key Insights

“The solution was configured to allow the ability to compare the port and mine readings with each other.
This in turn assists with identifying calibration issues between track scales.”


Understand The Business Issue – Overloaded Ore Cars & Error Reporting



Gain Perspective From Stakeholders And Key Employees



Develop Solution That Compares Reported Overloads

Calculate Overall Statistics Of Reporting Errors



Communicate And Share Results With Business Stakeholders

Our Goal:

To provide alerts and reporting of overloaded wagon information at the customer’s mine sites.

Our Solution:

Using Pi Asset Framework to generate a template solution that highlights & classifies severity of overloads when at each mine site.

Solution utilizes Pi Event Frames to easily allow for notifications.

Unlocked Potential:

The goal to eliminate virtual bottlenecks and improve throughput was achieved.

This resulted in a capacity increase of 2M tonnes per annum.

Upon completion of the project, further improvements were also scoped and provided to the site team with instructions on how to implement internally.