Processing Plant Optimisation

Key Insights

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with a dedicated improvement team who understands their business priorities and goals.

Together, we were able to implement solutions that were effective and sustainable.

The benefits achieved by the project were calculated by the client’s team.”



Three Month Performance Analysis & Modifications In Tandem With The Customers Team



Following Theory Of Constraint Methodology & “Out Of The Box” Thinking



PLC Modifications Took Place In Order To Execute The Proposed Ideas

Results Reflected In Capacity Increase



Weekly Operation Solution Result Reports Sent To Communicate Status & Improvement Results

Our Goal:

For three months, Key Engineering and our costumer’s process team performance analysis and modifications to the existing control system logic in an effort to further improve plant’s stability and throughput.

Projects completed:

  • Revise the use of the current constraints.
  • Middling PID tuning/ Midding SoftStart.
  • Product Fines PID control loop.
  • Oversize PID control loop setup.
  • Ore Break on shuttle.
  • Tertiary crusher optimisation.

Our Solution:

Key Engineering was involved in analysing current constraints control behaviour and understanding the opportunities to remove virtual bottlenecks created from tuning or under performing control logic.

By “out the box” thinking and following theory of constraint methodology we were able to identify and execute logic change to allow a better plant performance.

Unlocked Potential:

The goal to eliminate virtual bottleneck and improve throughput was achieved.

This resulted in a capacity increase of 2M tonnes per annum (approx. $122M).

Upon completion of the project, further improvements were also scoped and provided to the site team with instructions on how to implement internally.