Processing Plant Optimisation Project

Key Insights

“With simple. smart changes to the control system, performance of the plant was less dependent on the operator of the day and consistently higher”



Understand The Process And Measure Current Performance



Prioritise Tasks



Implement Improvements In Order Of Priority

Measure Improvements



Revise; “Rinse & Repeat”

Our Goal:

Our client has an annual production of 40 million tonnes per annum.

With the high demand for Iron Ore and an increased focus on minimising costs, optimisation of existing infrastructures and control philosophies was the key to maintain competitiveness.

Key engineering solutions was in charge to help de-bottlenecking and improve plant performance.

Our Solution:

A holistic approach was taken to improve the customer’s processing plant, starting with identifying and reporting plant’s constraints in a dashboard.

Then applying de-bottlenecking practice to continually improve over current constraint, resulting in an increase in feed rate and a significant reduction in standard variation.

Unlocked Potential:

A couple of Key engineers provided value adding modifications to the plants control system to achieve improved & sustainable results.

Within a record time of the three month’s medications to the existing control strategies of both wet and dry plants were completed and as a result plant production was increased.

Operations and Process Control coaching and mentioning: Key personnel engineers in order to achieve sustainable results.