PID Monitoring Dashboard

Key Insights

“It’s rewarding creating a measurement for control performance that isn’t always apparent, as it provides an insight into your system in an easily understandable manner.

Migration of tools into a more accessible distribution platform. Creation of additional tools allow for ease of modification by users. Identification of economic impact of performance gaps to provide a dollar value to lost potential.”



Identify Requirements And/ Or Improvement Opportunities.



Conceptualise And Propose Solutions.



Execute & Implement Solution



Communicate Benefits.

Our Goal:

Provide insight into the performance of PID controllers and develop tools to monitor, assess, and improve and/or rectify control loops.

Our Solution:

Analyses are performed using control data, to produce useable and relevant metrics which identify areas or focus.

The generated metrics indicate possible problematic elements of each control loop.

The inclusion of tools to facilities the tuning of controllers is instrumental for providing ease of access for rectification of inappropriate parameters.

Additional reporting facilities provide readily available system visibility while the modular architecture and configurable back end allows for simple maintenance and development, and opens up various customization options.

Unlocked Potential:

Based on the calculated metrics, each control loop can be measured against its operational capacity. Users will be able to identify areas of highest potential overall system improvement, and focus to reduce the relevant performance gaps.

The inclusion of tuning tools will also expedite any tuning requirements, reducing system commissioning time, improving reactions to system modifications and empowering users to increase efficiency of controllers with minimal overheads or expertise.