Infeed Level Bin Balancing

Key Insights

” It is all about mass balancing.

If you balance it correctly, it will become stable.”



Identify Requirements And/ Or Improvement Opportunities.



Conceptualise And Propose Solutions.



Execute & Implement Solution



Measure Benefits.
Communicate Benefits

Our Goal:

  • Minimise bin overloading & infeed conveyor stoppages.
  • Balance indeed bin levels and have a better control over the level setpoint.
  • System stability and faster response.

Our Solution:

We worked to improve the current control philosophy to avoid the infer buns from getting overfilled and also allow the operators to have the ability to control the bin level to a certain set-point.

The advantaged of using mass balancing is that the system reacts much faster to any downstream disturbances.

The delay in waiting for the bin to reach the cut-off capacity to level can now be neglected.

Unlocked Potential:

The number or bins overfilling events due to control strategy has been reduced.

Infeed conveyors stoppages have also been decreased.

By means of this reduction, downtime was receded by at least 2 minutes each time all three upstream conveyors were to re-start.