Historian Platform Performance Dashboard

Key Insights

” A key factor in success has been the exceptional level of collaborative work that occurred.

This really gave the project a well-rounded outcome.

Working in an information systems team and collaborating closely with the Operations Process engineers, we ensure their requirements are met and improve the outcomes. “



Back End Templates; Successfully Got The Constraint Calculation Working.

Front End Template; Prototype Of Dynamic Process Book Display.



Generic Templates; All Operator-Scoring Rule Types Created.

Pilot Site Completion; Forst Site Completed And Displayed.



Full Version (V0.[X]); All Sites Complete.



Templetes Optimised And Project Handover

Our Goal:

To provide dashboards for the operations team that shows the immediate state of the operation and provides actionable alerts to controllers and supervisors.

Day to day, these alerts should influence behaviour in the drive towards best practice.

Over the medium terms analysis of the operational performance versus dashboard scores will allow refinement of best operational practice and improvements at the organizational level.

Our Solution:

By utilising the software tools provided by OSI soft PI, with particular use of the PI AF system.

Using AF, we have built an analytical structure for operating plant that reflects the operator’s son of control and sub-groupings to show and measure the performance of constraints and bottlenecks.

Unlocked Potential:

Increasingly uniform performance profile within the cohort of controlling operators for our customers fixed plant assets. This leads to a higher rate of overall throughput and greater confidence in forecasting rates from mights through to port.

Better Qualification of potential benefits of debottlenecking projects, which will allow better upgrade investment decisions to be made by the client.

Project Management Taking Initiative:

One Note Notebook was introduced and utilized as a tool to organize project work and collaborate amongst the Dare Squeeze Team. This has helped with the handover or various selections form one team member to another and central place for tracking progress, logging and resolving issues.