Key Insights

“Punchcard puts all of Key’s project data at our disposal. All it took was collating the data in a visual form to give us a useful tool for managing and deciphering project timelines.”



Plan Necessary Features For Keyosk And How To Incorporate Punchcard



Gain Perspective From Stakeholders And Key Employees



Build The Application And Necessary Infrastructure



Deploy Keyosk To Server And Give To Key Employees

Our Goal:

The aim of Keyosk was to visualise all of Key’s projects in one interface and provide a simpler way to allocate employees to projects.

The main display would show an interactive Gantt chart of projects from Punchcard which could be moved to different timelines or reassigned to other users.

Our Solution:

A web application was built to take project data from Punchcard and format it into a Gantt chart. After the basic display was setup, more practical features were built into Keyosk including:

  • Filtering projects based on user groups or custom groups of people
  • Displaying remaining hours, resource hours and purchase orders of projects
  • Moving start and end dates of projects
  • Creating prospective projects and allocating users to projects

Unlocked Potential:

Keyosk’s drag and drop functionality makes project planning and resource assignment as simple as a few clicks.

Now everything that’s added to Punchcard can be viewed and managed in one place.