Sometimes we get so caught up with the busy world around us we forget to take a moment to make sure those around us are doing okay. The fast-paced environment of the resources sector may sometimes not allow for us to take a breather. Here at Key, we try and communicate the importance of an individuals mental wellbeing through the culture we’ve established. 

What is mental wellbeing?

I’d define it as an individual’s state of mind, which allows us to cope with the stresses, maintain healthy relationships with those around up despite the challenges we face.

Our People

Within the resource sector we work within an environment of high pressure, fast paced and intensity, in our everyday work lives. Each team within our company face different stressors from The Engine, working with clients on important projects, to the Pit Crew who organise project plans, identify risks and mitigation strategies while also reporting process to our clients. To lastly our People and Care Team who deal with the pressures of providing ongoing support and care to our people and clients.  

What we do?

Here at Key we play our part to support our employees through any mental health struggles they may be going through, and stress the importance of their individual mental wellbeing. We have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), to support our employees which is accessible to all at no cost to the individual, and the program is all anonymous. We also value the feedback from our employees which we receive through surveys on a weekly basis and monthly meetings, and we use the feedback to identify areas where employees feel as though they require greater support or things that could be improved in certain ways. 

An individuals mental wellbeing can be affected by the stresses and workload associated with ones job, no matter the role or hours an individual works we all have to remember to take a moment to catch our breath. We also must remember that our mental wellbeing is equally as important as our physical wellbeing. As individuals we can also show support to those around us facing a difficult time, if you notice someone in your life acting a bit unlike themselves start a conversation with them and ask if they are okay. I know that there is a stigma associated with mental wellbeing and as individuals we should remove that from our work environments. By crushing the stigma and creating a culture where mental wellbeing is prioritised, we open the door to those around us that are possibly struggling with their mental wellbeing.