It Takes 100 Small Things

It Takes 100 Small Things

The Key team and I took part in an enriching two day workshop led by Don Ash from 100 Small Things.

These sessions were to strengthen our company’s performance by delivering lessons on effective team-based processes, they established the skills required to actively receive and provide feedback and enlightened us about the diverse working personalities of the Key team!

The two day course started by revealing our clever, brutally accurate and overall pretty damn funny Belbin personality titles. Hitting the nail on the head, I was dubbed, “Hidden Talent”! Yes Thank-you!

Edgar our “judge”, Felipe the “corrector” and Tseko who came out as the “boss” all owned their nicknames with pride. There was also our social “butterfly collector” Gary and the ever so friendly “team conscience” Andre who are ready to reach out to help and are always filled with warm energy. Knowing the personalities of the team and where their strengths lied was a great icebreaker for me having recently joined Key. It was comforting to see that the Key team had various personalities, all complimentary of the next.

We were then split into two teams, who then would need to come up with names, a team charter and team goals.


The first team was led by Gary and consisted of, Amal, Jason, Rod, Tseko, Ali, Parak, Daniel, Tze and Andre.

Gary Potters


Whilst the better team, my team was led by Farrah and consisted of Hans, Brandon, Mudda, Wilson, Felipe, Cohen, Vimal, Edgar and I.

The United Key-Nations


Each team was required to set a monetary value as a goal that each team would work towards reaching by the end of the workshops. We set a goal of $12 000 whilst Gary’s team, ever so ambitiously went for $12 001 – yeh, yeh, very clever guys!

It would be the battle of the Gary Potters vs the United Key-NationsMay the best team win.



Don had us all hands-on deck day one, with his mega brain warmers that had some of us kicking ourselves at the answers we didn’t get, whilst others engaged in an over the top celebration for the correct answers. We were very quickly put under pressure to solve several puzzles just to be rewarded with even more difficult puzzles to solve. All activities were engaging and loads of fun, but they all came with important lessons to take from them, like, carefully reading all prompts, thinking outside the box and not complicating it. By the end of day one the teams were experts in receiving and giving feedback and we knew exactly how to go about executing ideas thanks to the revolution model.

The best bit though… my team the United Key-Nations were WINNING….



With the United Key-Nations in the lead the Gary Potters were determined to make a comeback day two, and boy did they!

For us, the first activity… was… to put it diplomatically… character building… 😐

The Gary Potters, as promised, came back with a vengeance and my team, well, we learnt a lot. With a very small profit made my team were offered redemption in the final big activity and the decider.

Andre led the Gary Potters and Edgar led the United Key-Nations in the most stressful, adrenaline pumping simulation I have ever been in. Through strategic planning taught to us by Don and small lessons learnt along the way my team were able to successfully complete the rounds with only 2 deathssimulated deaths that is and a profit of $2000. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to put us on top of the Gary Potters, nonetheless we all thoroughly enjoyed working together to achieve one common goal.


The Gary Potters took the win and had the United-Key Nations up on our feet for a well-deserved standing ovation.

It was a great experience watching all the personalities shine through the activities, the day was filled with many laughs and even more memories!


Latifa Hourani